So it turns out that Whipperwill was not a person, it was the name of the section of town James lived in – it may actually be the name of their house. I was thinking that was kind of an odd name for a person. As a mentioned earlier, Robert, who was also a soldier, was James’s brother. The “Aunt Chas” written about in earlier letters is actually “Aunt Char” as in Charlotte Lay. After her husband died, she had a dream that he came to her and told her to get remarried so that she would have someone to take care of her on earth while he looked after her from beyond. According to my grandmother, some of the family members were a little skeptical about this and thought it may have just been her way of justifying getting remarried. I’m less skeptical – there’s a long list of supernatural occurrences experienced by people in the family, and no generation has escaped it yet. One other interesting fact: Starvation Hill was the actual name of a place, and apparently it was a pretty horrible spot. Maybe they should have named it something more optimistic.