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Well Rosa,

I had to throw away my clothes and get new ones two new shirts one pair of draws paire Stockings the two shirts $4.75 Draws .75 ct woolen stockings .50 ct my pants and blows they let me keep, but had them off brushed [aired] one day night gave them back to me I told I had no money wanted to go with Charley Parker he was luckey a mr. Smith from Avon his old minister the town sent him down to look after the Avon boys he brought box to C.P. let him have $20 in money, Charley got new Leant(?) all though, he lent me $5.00 to get my shirts with. I would not have him leave me for any thing so now I have got to send for more money to pay him with you will have to go to Hartford and draw $10, dollar and send it to me soon as you can get it ready to send when I get to a stoping place. 5 D at a time it is to bad I do not see as I can help it, now, when I get paid off can send it to replase it if we ever get paid.

Excuse all mistakes, if you can read this letter you can do a good more than some

this is wrote on a book in my hand could not hold it still   Good bye with lots of love to you Rosa

and all inquiring friends

from your ever loving

Husband James W Peckham

When I get to a stoping plase I will give you the Directions


“If you can read this letter you can do a good more than some” – I can’t help but feel this is somehow addressed to me as well after spending all this time trying to decipher his handwriting. I wish I could send him a clipboard and some decent pens and paper through time, though his writing tools are about to be the least of his problems.

Two shirts for $4.75, good god.